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Rust Proofing & Detailing

TST's Rust Remedy Rust Inhibitor is the most effective rust control product known for new vehicles. It displaces moisture and remains uniform throughout the vehicles life. Formulated by the same personnel that developed the cleaning and coating systems for NASA's Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions. Lifetime Warranty is backed by an A+ 15 company which is the highest insurance rating available. S.A.E. approved, picks up where factory coverage leaves off. Don't be fooled! New Vehicle Manufacturers' Corrosion Warranties are Limited! Manufacturers' warranties cover ONLY defects in materials and workmanship, specifically excluding ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE*. Items such as Road Salt, Dirt, Tree Sap, Industrial Pollution, Sea Salt, Dust control chemicals, etc. are NOT COVERED under most manufacturers' warranties. If you live in an area where any of these items are an issue, additional protection may be needed.

TST Rust Remedy picks up where the manufacturers' warranty leaves off. Environmental conditions like salt, dirt, mud and snow are no match for Rust Remedy's superior protection.

Rust Remedy is professionally sprayed into 18 key areas, covering more than 127 square feet of your vehicle. This permanent, no holes drilled coating has a lifetime transferable warranty^ without requiring routine inspections. Rust Remedy meets and exceeds S.A.E. Standard J1804, which provides you with coverage that will not void your limited factory coverage.

TST Rust Remedy truly is"Better than the Rust of the World"

*See your manufacturers' warranty for specifics.
^Lifetime New Vehicle warranty, Used Vehicle warranties also available see warranty for details.

TST Silent Rider:

Today, vehicle manufacturers recommend that you flush the underbody of your vehicle once, twice, some as many as four times per year. (See underbody maintenance, in your owner's manual). WHY? Chemicals and corrosive materials used for ice and snow removal, dust control and industrial pollution can collect on the underbody of your vehicle. If not removed, these materials may accelerate corrosion or rusting of underbody components such as frame, floor pan etc. You must do a thorough job; just dampening (i.e. going thru a car wash, hosing the vehicle off) the accumulated material rather than washing it away will accelerate corrosion rather than prevent it.

Some manufacturers even recommend undercoating materials that will help protect your vehicle from corrosion. Metal requires two things to corrode, water and oxygen. When an object strikes the underbody and chips away the painted surface, the bare metal is exposed to both. Add in corrosive chemicals, such as salt and the corrosion (rust) is accelerated. TST Silent Rider puts a protective barrier between the exposed underbody and the outside elements. This protective barrier eliminates the need for underbody flushing, provides for a quieter ride and improves the overall appearance of your vehicle. Combined with a lifetime, no inspection, new car warranty, makes this a valuable option on any vehicle.
Give your new vehicles underbody the protection it deserves with TST SILENT RIDER UNDERCOATING.
TST 5000 Paint Protection:
The professionally applied paint sealant that locks micro-particles of UV screening PTFE* into the pores of the paint. TST 5000 is the most effective protection available for the painted surface of your vehicle. Only the TST 5000 system uses the unique process that offers genuine long-term paint protection. TST 5000 with PTFE is warranted for up to five (5) years with NO WAXING or reapplication on a new vehicle and three (3) years on a used vehicle. It’s your best defense against weather induced fading, loss of gloss and oxidation. Compare the process, the warranty, the service, and the company. TST is the leader in vehicle long-term protection.


Each vehicle is thoroughly cleaned-not just the surface, but through the paint and primer with TST Fallout Remover and Allways G.P. Our cleaners bring soil and contamination (such as fallout and acid salts) to the surface, where they are washed away without disturbing the paint. Proper and complete cleaning is essential for genuine long-term protection. The TST 5000 system offers several unique levels of protection including 5000 particles of “PTFE” that are locked into the painted surface and, unlike other paint protection, cannot drift off or into the paint.


Because TST 5000 with PTFE truly locks into the paint and does not drift off, simple cleaning is all that is required to maintain the paint protection. Every TST 5000 application comes with a Customer Care Kit to help keep your new vehicle looking newer longer. From simple car washing to removing road debris, bugs and light asphalt your Customer Care Kit has everything you’ll need.


While "long term" warranties are offered by others, only TST offers new car protection for five (5) years without inspections or reapplications, is backed by an A+15 insurance company and provides you with an exclusive 800 hot line service, direct to the factory. TST 5000 is the only insured and certified vehicle paint protection that meets U.S. Department of Defense Salt Spray Test #202.

TST 5000- Because it Works!

*What is PTFE?

Tough Screen™ Fabric Protection:

Tough Screen™ shields fabrics from oil, grease, dirt and food stains.
Simple soap and water cleanup.
Liquids simply "bead up," and oil and grease can be wiped away with ease.
Dirt lifts off with a vacuum, leaving no residue behind.
Five year insured warranty on new vehicles, three year warranty on used.
Tough Screen not only keeps your interior looking terrific, but can actually increase the life of carpets and fabrics in high wear conditions.
Your new vehicle looks as beautiful inside as well as outside. Today's vehicles double as mobile offices, kitchen tables, delivery vehicles and team buses. How do you protect your beautiful interior from life's everyday accidental spills and stains? Simple, TST's Tough Screen™ Fabric Protector!Tough Screen is one of the most effective fabric protectors available for carpets, seats, doors, floor mats and trunks. It resists water based stains, but also oil, grease and food stains for up to five years on new vehicles*.

Tough Screen™ is professionally applied under pressure, penetrating deep into the weave of the fabric.

Tough Screen™
is virtually undetectable after drying, does not change the feel of the fabric and can increase life of the fabric. Simple soap and water cleanup is all that's necessary.
Protecting your vehicles beautiful interior has never been easier. Tough Screen will keep your interior looking newer longer and add value to your new vehicle.
Leather Treatment:
Fine leather is soft and luxurious, making it an ideal choice for vehicles. With the right care, leather improves with age providing many years of enjoyable use. Properly maintained leather has an excellent life expectancy, as high as four to one over fabric. Unfortunately accidents can and do happen. What can you do to protect your beautiful leather against:

          • Premature Fading
          • Permanent Staining
          • Cracking
          • Ultra Violet Rays
          • Drinks and Spills

Leather Treatment by TST puts a protective coating on your beautiful leather seats protecting them from Sun and Spills.

In addition Leather Treatment by TST also has Accidental Damage coverage* that provides repairs on your leather seats from:

  • Cigarette burns
  • Rips and Tears
  • Keyhole Punctures
  • Ballpoint Pen Ink
  • Lipstick

Accidental damage can leave you vehicles interior looking old and worn before it's time, while greatly reducing the value at trade in-time. TST can help you keep your leather looking newer longer and protect your resale value.
*Accidental damage does not include pet damage or abrasion. See actual warranty for specifics.

Xtreme Detailing Services

  Car Price T,S*
Interior Detail $109.95 $149.95/ Vans $189.95
Includes: Vacuum, shampoo (seats, carpet, floors, mats) all vinyl or leather cleaned & dressed, windows
Add Fabric Protection $149.95 $169.95
Add Rips, Tears & Burns Protection to Fabric $299.95 $299.95
Add Leather Treatment (Includes Rips, Tears Burns Protection) $299.95 $299.95

Exterior Detail


$149.95/ Vans $189.95
Includes: Wash, tar removal, high speed polish, wax, tires, wheels & outside windows.
Add Paint Protection $209.95 $229.95

Full Detail


$209.95 Trucks /$229.95 SUV & Crew Cab Trucks /$249.95 Van
Includes: Wash, tar removal, high speed polish & wax, tires, wheels, door jams, windows inside & out, vacuum & shampoo (seats, carpets, mats) clean & dress (all vinyl or leather) floors & mats, and a disinfectant spray sprayed through the vent system.
Add Engine Clean (Degrease Engine) $25.00 $25.00
Add Paint Protection $209.95 $229.95
Add Fabric Protection $149.95 $169.95
Add Rips, Tears & Burns Protection to Fabric $299.95 $299.95
Add Leather Treatment (Includes Rips, Tears & Burns Protection for Leather) $299.95 $299.95
Engine Clean Only $40.00 $40.00
Degrease Engine Compartment
Paint Protection $299.95 $299.95
TST Paint Protection, guaranteed to last 5 years, Never have to wax again.
Fabric Protection $209.95 $209.95
TST Fabric Protection, 5 year warranty on new vehicles & 3 year warranty on used vehicles
Rips, Tears & Burns Protection for Fabric   $299.95 $299.95
A supplemental protection to provide coverage against accidental damage from rips, tears and burns on the seating area to keep your car looking newer and lasting longer.
Leather Treatment              $299.95 $299.95
TST Leather Treatment, Cleaner, Conditioner, Lipstick & Ink Remover Stick, 5 year warranty on new vehicles & 3 year warranty on used vehicles also includes rips, tears and burn protection for leather.
TST 5000 Paint & Fabric Protection $509.95 $509.95
TST Paint, Fabric & Leather $699.95 $699.95
TST Rustproof & Undercoat $429.95 $429.95

TST Undercoat  

 $309.95  $309.95
Full Package $829.95 $829.95
TST Rustproof, Undercoat, Paint Protection & Fabric Protection

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